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Throughout his lifetime, Otto Kahn gave generously to support the arts in America, especially those who were struggling and needed financial assistance. Mr. Kahn also served as Chairman of the Metropolitan Opera from 1911 until 1918 and its President until 1931, giving millions to insure its survival. In memory of Otto Kahn and in recognition of his generosity toward struggling artists during the early 20th century, we have established the Otto Kahn Awards.


Each year Friends, in partnership with Gary Melius, bestows Otto Kahn Awards to deserving Huntington area public high school seniors who plan to continue their education and training in the fine arts, performing arts and music. Funds for the Otto Kahn Awards are raised at Friends’ annual June Garden Parties held in and around the Formal Gardens at OHEKA.
This program has provided nearly $200,000 in scholarships. 

For more information or an application, please call 631-367-2570.


Friends of OHKEA proudly announces this year's Otto Kahn Awards. Five talented high school seniors from the Town of Huntington received $1,500. each, despite the fact that we weren't able to hold our annual Garden Party fund raiser last year or this year due to COVID 19. The following deserving students are pursuing their love of the arts as they begin their college education this fall: 

Elias Giuliano, Otto Kahn Award in Music Northport High School / SUNY Fredonia

Ashlin Hanley, Otto Kahn Award in Fine Arts Walt Whitman High School / Pratt Institute

Niurca Chabla Leon, Otto Kahn Award in Fine Arts Huntington High School / Adelphi University

Juliet Marinello, Otto Kahn Award in Performing Arts Huntington High School / Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Grace Wildermuth, Otto Kahn Award in Music Huntington High School / Vanderbilt University

Normally, the students perform at our annual June Garden Party or have their art work and photography displayed during the event. However, this year's winners were honored during a brief ceremony at the castle on June 23rd. 

To date, Friends of OHEKA has raised over $200,000 for high school seniors who are pursuing an education in the arts, carrying on the passion that Otto Kahn (builder and original owner of OHEKA) had for supporting the arts. Current owner Gary Melius and the board of Friends of OHEKA care deeply about carrying on this tradition despite the pandemic. 


Otto Kahn Awards scholarship winners Ashlin Hanley, Niurca Chabla Leon, Juliet Marinello, Grace Wildermuth and Elias Giuliano are flanked by Otto Kahn Awards committee members Greg Genovese and Gayle Snyder. Friends of OHEKA President Ellen Schaffer is at right.

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